Regional club show in Trept.
Another super weekend, fantastic weather, great ambiance, delicious beer and wine.
Jabby (Rosaceae Pterostyrax) got 4th Execllent in a class of 20 males.



Regional club show in Nueil sur Layon.
Super weekend,fantastic weather, great ambiance, delicious wine.
Jabby (Rosaceae Pterostyrax) passed the TAN and on top of that he made best male.
And as icing on the cake, meeting Minne again.
See you next year.




Jabby (Rosaceae Pterostyrax) was placed 4th in the intermediate class at his first show in Najac.
Jabby is a beautiful, large, very good and social male.

Prince (Nagybobanya PRIMAS HERCEG PRINCE) is very satisfied with his owners in Spain.




Puffy's pups have been born.
It are 3 males and 3 females.
Mother and children are doing well.



Puffy pregnancy is getting more and more visible. Today we visited the veterinary school to have a check-up. She is in a perfect state and the puppies also. Some nice pictures of a beating heart and a thorax. Birth ids preview for 7th-8th October


With great joy we announce that Puffy (Nagybobanya Lynckepynck Puffy) is pregnant. We saw at least six pups on the ultrasound, the vet said that there are probably more. The sire is Knockando 'XO Imperial Lucky. We repeated the combination because the first litter showed us all charming, sweet, happy dogs. The birth must take place around October 7-8

Law's 9 puppies will go to their new homes next week.
Puffy will soon  be mated..


So happy to announce that Puffy’s sister NAGYBOBANYA LHOFEHERKE LAW is pregnant from JIRAI-JUHNI DU DOMAINE DE LA NOYARAYE
The vet saw at least 9 embryos.
Birth is expected around the first of September.
Both parents are HD A/A, ED 0/0, LPN1&2+LEMP N/N.
Both passed confirmation and temperament test.
COI 10 generations 3.5%, 30 generations 27,4 %.
Click for the pedigree of the expected puppies.


Max was placed 2d excellent on the regional club show in Laroin.
He was Best Male with CAC/CACIB on the international dog show in Elvas (Portugal).

Jack-Frost was Best of Breed

So proud Nagybobanya Jack-Frost is now Grand Champion. Owner Kathy Beaucher.

Mother and pups are doing well.

Puffy's pups were born on 03/01/2018.
Click for more info and pictures.

Click for live streaming (09.00 - 23.00 CET)


Photos of children of Kissi, Lola and Billy published on their litter pages. 

Puffy and Lucky's puppies are growing well. Only 3 more weeks until  birth.


Hip Hip Hooray,
Puffy (Nagybobanya Lynckepynck Puffy) is pregnant to Lucky (Knockando's XO Imperial Lucky)
Both have level 4 in the French breeding  system.
The coefficient of inbreeding is low: Over 10 generations 2.87 and over 30 generations 27.25.
The puppies are expected around January 1, 2018
Both are LNP1 N/N, LPN2 N/N, LEMP N/N, HD A/A and Elbows 0/0.

Knockando’s XO Imperial Lucky

Nagybobanya Lynckepynck Puffy

During the AGM of the International Leonberger Union  the president of the Dutch Leonberger Club, Niels Steinmetz, presented us with the silver medal of honor from the Dutch Kennel Club, that had been awarded on occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Dutch Leonberger Club (founded on 2nd September 1966).
He gave it to us because Metha founded the club 51 years ago and we are still working for the Leonbergers.


Elsa's daughter Jaya is proud mother of 3 boys and 4 girls, born 27/02/2017.
2 girls and 1 boy are still looking for good homes.

On the regional cluyb show in Flassans sur Isolle Max got 4th Excellent in open class.

On the regional club show in Saverne Puffy was placed 4th with excellent in intermediate class.

Max got very good in open class

New photos of puppies Kissi, litter Elsa and litter Lola published on their pages.

Sorry to be a bit late with this news, we had to wait for photos.
On the 18th September 2016 2 sons and 1 daughter of Rhupy's litter, born on 18/09/2004 (Rhupy Razanza v.d. Kleinen  Seen x Gizmo Bilwastein)  celebrated their 12th birthday.
We are so happy with this exceptional result.
Big belated congratulations to Nagybobanya Vajkal Vichy Veher Zokni,  Nagaybobanya Vajkal Villock Vaquero and Nagybobanya Vajkal Valero Vilmos.

Valero in Switzerland

Vichy in Austria

Villock on the Faroe Islands

Jack Frost 1st place in Milwood, VA
New photos of Drago in Barcelona

Photos of Lucca in South Carolina

Max and Puffy got both excellent in intermediate class in  Cluny.

New photos of Jaya and Max.


Max got 2d Very Good in the breeders class on the Belgian club show

Puffy got 2 Excellent in ther breeders class on the Belgian club show

Law was on Holiday in the Jura.

We are a little behind with the news.
On the regional in Laroin 26/05/2016 Puffy got very good in youth, Max got  very good. in youth.
On the Dutch jubilee club show 12/06/2016 Puffy got very good in youth, Max got excellent in intermediate.
On the Swiss club show 29/05/2016 Puffy was placed 1st Excellent in youth.
On the Spanish club show 30/07/2016 Puffy got very good in  youth, Max got 4th excellent in intermediate.

Lola's pups at one year of age

On the regional club show in Saverne Max got excellent in intermediate, Puffy got 3 Very Good in Youth, Moos got 3 Very Good in Youth, Lola got Very Good in  open. It was a very agreeable show, nice people, good weather, good atmosphere.



Max got 3d Excellent in intermediate class on the interneational dog show in Toulouse

Puffy got 2d Excellent in youth class.

Kissi's children 4 years old

Pictures of Olafia and Jaya

Photos of Poppy and Jack Frost
Photos of Leeroij, Lord, Lowie and Sura
Photos of Maxie

Photos of Law and Loddes

Max got 2d excellent on the "Dogachtigen Show"
Puffy got 3d very promissing at the "Dogachtiegn Show"

Elsa's children 1 year old

Photos of Sam
Photos of Jack Frost

18th September 2015
Photos of Sam

24th August 2015
Jancsi came out off quarantaine

18th August 2015
Photos of Law and Loky

15th August 2015
More photos of Jancsi in NZ

Puppy foto's nest Lola

14th August 2015
Jancsi arrived safe and sound in Christchurch, New Zealand


12th August 2015
Lucca arrived safe and sound in his new home in South Carolina

6th August 2015
Puppy photos updated

20th July 2015
New photos of Sarah
Puppy photos updated

15th July 2015
New photos of Jaya
Puppy photos updated

7th July 2015
Puppy photos updated

26th June 2015
Puppy photos updated
Jaya in Grignon

25th June 2015
Bas (Nagybobanya Vajkal Barat Basz), born 18/09/2004.

20th June 2015
Photos of Jancsi and Max.

14th June 2015

Jaya got 1st place in a puppy class of 10 pups on the Dutch club show. Well done Jaya and  Chantal

18th June 2015
Lola's litter of 11 puppies is on live webcam. Weights and photos are regularly updated

14th June 2015
Bas (Nagybobanya Vajkal Barat Basz), born 18/09/2004, on holiday in the Ardennes

12th June 2015
The father of Lola's pups was 2d in champion class in Milano

11th June 2015
Lola's litter of 11 puppies is on live webcam. Weights and photos are regularly updated.
New photos of Jack Frost and Sarah

8th June 2015
4 females et 1 male from Lola's litter are still available.

4th June 2015
Lola's litter of 11 puppies is on live webcam and photos are regularly updated.
New photos of Jaya and Sarah

29th May 2015
Weights of Lola's pups added

27th May 2015
Jaya was 1st in puppy class in Hunxe

Elsa was at her first show after her litter in Bath, she got 3d place


Bently is doing very well in Texas

26th May 2015
Lola got a litter of 6 males and 5 bitches, they are on live streaming.

21st May 2015
Only a few more days until the whelping of Lola

20th May 2015
Photos of H'Oukiok and Harpège
Photos of Jancsi, Sarah Max and Olafia

17th May 2015
Puff was 1st excellent in champion class at the regional club show in Lasseube.
Sarah, Jancsi and Max got very promising with "champion potential" in puppy class.

14th May 2015
New pictures of Jazz

25th April 2015
Lola is pregnant. The  pups are expected 28-30 May 2015.

24th April 2015
Regularly new pictures of Elsa's pups.

New photos of Lola

28th March 2015
Lola (Naybobanya H Czabito Lola) was mated by Flinn (Rosaceae Juncelles).

3d February 2015
Kissi's pups 3 years old

Harpège has developed into a very pretty bitch. She got an excellent in finding  the truffles in 4.05 minutes. 


16 November 2014
The pups were born on the 11th November 2014.
A live webcam streaming and the first photos are the page of the litter

10 October 2014

Hip hip, hooray. Elsa is pregnant.
The happy father is Rosaceae Juncelles.
We choose Juncelles because longivity and health are our first priority.
Birth is expected by the 13th November 2014.
Puff is impatiently waiting for his grandchildren, because of them will be his mate.

Rosaceae Juncelles  (Flinn)
HD A, LPN 1&2 N/N Cataract free

Nagybobanya H Szeretet Elsa (Elsa)
HD A, LPN 1&2 N/N, Cataract free

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