Pollecke’s pups celebrated their 1st anniversary.

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Father Jabby meets his son mr Yellow

The 16 puppies (10 females and 6 males) from Pollecke (Nagybobanya Pollecke Rhuppy) and Jabby (Rosacea Pterostyrax) were born tonight.
Pollecke and her puppies are doing very well.

Only about 3-4 days before whelping. Pollecke is getting bigger and bigger


Pollecke is becoming more weighty by the day.
Sometimes she looks like a whale on dry land.
Today we were at the veterinary school in Lyon for a check-up and counting puppies.
Well, we knew already that there would be a large number, but that it would be 13 or even some more was something to swallow.
We just wait. We will know for sure in 2 weeks.

Pollecke was mated by Rosaceae Pterostyrax on February 5th.
According to today’s ultrasound she is pregnant.
We look forward to a good time with a beautiful litter.
The puppies will be born around 07/04/2023.


Puffy, Nanou, Pollecke and Loki the cat at christmas dinner.

Jabby got 2d place in open class on the Spanish club show.

Pollecke got 2d place and RCAC in intermediate


Jabby got again 1st place with excellent in de open class on the regional club show in Saverne.


Jabby (Rosaceae Pterostyrax) mated MISSES PIPPI V.D. ZORNIGEN ZECKE.

Regional club show in Trept.
Another super weekend, fantastic weather, great ambiance, delicious beer and wine.
Jabby (Rosaceae Pterostyrax) got 4th Execllent in a class of 20 males.



Regional club show in Nueil sur Layon.
Super weekend,fantastic weather, great ambiance, delicious wine.
Jabby (Rosaceae Pterostyrax) passed the TAN and on top of that he made best male.
And as icing on the cake, meeting Minne again.
See you next year.