Litter  Billy

On the 12th March 2012 Bavaruki D Billy Bajnok (HD A/A, LPN1 N/N) was mated by
Rene Löwe v. Bayern (HD A2,
LPN1 N/N) ( )
On the 14th May 2012 3 males and 5 females were born.

Pedigree puppies
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Harpège was 1st excellent open class in Lasseube


H'Oukiok grew into a very pretty male:

26 July 2014
Harpège got 3d Excellent on the Spanish club show

29 June 2014
Harpège got 1st Excellent on the regional clubshow in St Pourçain

4 January 2014

11 July 2013
Hoxane came to visit, she has grown into a pretty, very playful,  young lady with excellent temperament.

9 June 2013
Harpège was 3d excellent on the regional club show in Najac.

18 May 2013
Harpège was on the regional show in Idron, she got 1st place in youth class.


14 May 2013
The puppies are 1 year old.

H'oukiok enjoys spring:

Dasja is doing well:

Harpège is growing into a pretty girl:

4 May 2013
Hoxane at 10 month

2 March 2013
Harpège is growing into a very nice female

25th January 2013
Hadasja in Holland

18th January 2013
Harpège and Gibson participated in an official truffle search competition.
Gibson won 1st place with excellent by finding the 6 truffles in 1'57"., young Harpège got 7th place with very good, it took her 6 minutes.
More info on truffle search on:

The website of Gibson and Harpège:

7th January 2013
Heimi and his friend Taz enjoy the snow in the US.

31th  December 2012
Harpège and her friend Gibson:

Maxi in Germany:

H'Oukiok enjoys the snow in the Pyrenees

15 December 2012
Harpège and Gibson participated in a truffle finding competition.
Gibson is the first Leonberger ever with a truffle searching lincense, he got 4th Excellent.
Harpège was too g to be entered for the real competition, but she did very well.

2 December 2012
H'Oukiôk enjoys the snow.

1 December 2012
Heimdal in the US

25 November 2012
Harpège & Gibson:

10 November 2012
Pictures of Hoxane:

2 November 2012

New pictures of Harpège, she participated in the club show in Cluny.
She and Gibson have now a nice new website:

2 October 2012

Heimi participated in a cancer walk and he won best pup on the NRLC regional club show

Pictures of Harpège and Gibson:

17th September 2012
New pictures of H'Oukiôk

10th September 2012
Harpège went to her first show and she is still training for truffle dog.

7th September 2012
Heimi went holiday in Keene.

23d August 2012
We visited Hetan. He too is growing into a friendly, pretty boy.

22d August 2012
We visited Hoxane. She is growing into a very friendly, pretty girl.

16th August 2012
Gibson is teaching Harpège to find truffles:

13th August 2012
Hatalmas, now called H'Oukiôk.

6th August 2012
Some pictures of Harpège, Lola, Hilda, Puff from our visit to Harpège on our way to Spain.

29th July 2012
Hilda arrived happy in Spain.

25th July 2012
Hatalmas left with Hélène & Henri. His name is now

Pictures of Hoxane in her new home:

Pictures of Hadasja in her new home:

24th July 2012
Only two puppies left.
Hatalmas will leave for his new home tomorrow, Hilda wil travel to Spain on Saturday.

23d July 2012
Heimdall is now 1 week in his home in the US.

22d July 2012
Harpège and her friend Gibson, the Leonberger truffle dogs:

21st July 2012
Heimdall settled in in his new family very well:

17th July 2012
Hadasja is in her new home in Holland.

16th  July 2012
Hadhy made acquaintance with her new family in Germany.

Heimdall flew to Boston, he arrived safe and sound in his new family.

13th July 2012

11th July 2012
Harpège is happy in her new home. Her friend and protector Gibson is already teaching her to look for truffles.

8th July 2012

7th July 2012

Orange girl
7900 gr.

Pink girl
7700 gr.

Yellow girl
7900 gr.

Light blue girl
7500 gr.

Silver girl
8400 gr.

Brown boy
7700 gr.

Blue boy
7750 gr.

Apricot boy
9000 gr.

5th July 2012

3d July 2012
Vaccinated and chipped

2d July 2012
Today's weights are:

Orange girl
7100 gr.

Pink girl
6950 gr.

Yellow girl
7150 gr.

Light blue girl
6800 gr.

Silver girl
7000 gr.

Brown boy
7100 gr.

Blue boy
6950 gr.

Apricot boy
7800 gr.

1st  July 2012

27th June 2012
At good 6 weeks the weights are:

Orange girl
6600 gr.

Pink girl
6400 gr.

Yellow girl
6500 gr.

Light blue girl
6300 gr.

Silver girl
6300 gr.

Brown boy
6300 gr.

Blue boy
6500 gr.

Apricot boy
7200 gr.

25th June 2012

Mountain climbing:

Brown boy found himself a stick:

Housekeeping and playing:

23d June 2012
Jean-Alain  Gontier came to visit with a 10 months old male. The male was very sweet with the puppies.

21th June 2012

Female light blue
5000 gr.

Male apricot
5800 gr.

Male dark blue
5000 gr.

Male brown 5000 gr.

Female pink
5100 gr.

Female orange
5300 gr.

Female yellow
5200 gr.

Female silver
5200 gr.

17th June 2012

Why are leonberger
pups  dark coloured?
So you seen them
better in the grass.

Yellow with a branch

Inspecting the whole
mom dug

We'll need new
chairs shortly

Inspecting the
empty bowl

The tunnel is always
a hit

I want to get out

Orange exercising
for rug

Hein will need new
trousers soon

On to the food


16th June 2012

Apricot the Dino killer

Yellow trying to retrieve

Brown found himself a
soft cushion

Yellow in the fighting

A happy bunch

Brown is sleeping the
of the righteous

Apricot inspecting his

Tail wagging

Somebody found a cone

15th June 2012
The puppies are outside in the beautiful weather.
At one month of age their weights are:

Orange girl
4080 gr.

Pink girl
3900 gr.

Yellow girl
4100 gr.

Light blue girl
4000 gr.

Silver girl
3980 gr.

Brown boy
3920 gr.

Blue boy
3750 gr.

Apricot boy
4500 gr.

14th June 2012
One month old, for the first time outside.

Rene Löwe v Bayern was  Excellent 1 with CAC in open class on the Swiss club show.
Congratulations to our daddy.

11th June 2012

10th June 2012
The puppies now eat porridge and meat on  their own, but  they still like a sip of mother's milk too.

7th June 2012
The puppies were weighed

Male Apricot
3200 gram

Male brown
2750 gram

Male Dark Blue
2550 gram

Female orange
2850 gram

Female light green
2875 gram

Female pink
2650 gram

Female light blue
2800 gram

Female silver
2650 gram

4th June 2012

2d June 2012
The pups  and mom are doing very well. They ate some meat for the first time.

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29th May 2012

23d May 2012

The puppies are now 9 days old. They are looking great. Black masks, dark colours, long tails.
It is amazing that only 1 puppy has a rudimental dew claw.

A bit of history on the parents.

Mother Billy was born in France out of a German father and a British mother.
Father René was born in Germany out of a Hungarian Father (Kiserdei Zordon) and a German/Scandinavian mother.
Kiserdei Zordon's  breeder was for a long time an active member in the Austrian special breeding program. We tried to use Zordon years ago, but it didn’t work out, so we are very happy that we could use his son René.
We have great expectations of this litter.

22d May 2012
The puppies were weighed and the nails were clipped.

Male red-blue
Male red        
Male dark blue
Female white
Female dark blue-white
Female red-white
Female light green
Female light blue-white
1020 gr.
1150 gr.
  960 gr.
  960 gr.
1130 gr.
1200 gr.
1120 gr.
1025 gr.

16th May 2012
Billy and the puppies are doing well.
The weights (in grams) of the puppies at birth and on the 16th in the morning were:

Male red-blue
Male red        
Male dark blue
Female white
Female dark blue-white
Female red-white
Female light green
Female light blue-white
480 - 570
550 - 640
470 - 545
550 - 675
500 - 640
475 - 550
500 - 625
500 - 570

14th May 2012
Billy's puppies were born.

12th May 2012

Rene Löwe v. Bayern

Bavaruki D Billy Bajnok