Litter Kissi
On the 6th December 2011 Kissi (Nagybobanya Vilag Bajnok Becsi Kisiklik) was mated by 
Puff (Jack v .d. Boxmühle)
3 bitches and 3 dogs born on the 3d February 2012.

Bentley on holiday in Colorado




Bentley in Texas


Drago in Barcelona

03 February 2016
The dogs are 4 years.

Bentley in Texas

Drago in Barcelona

03 February 2015
The dogs are 3 years old.

Drago in Barclona

Drago in Barclona

Drago in Barclona

Drago in Barclona

Drago in Barclona

Lola in Amsterdam

Elsa in Plymouth

Elsa in Plymouth

22 August 2014
Drago on holiday in France.

3 February 2014
The puppies celebrated their second birthday.

28 January 2014
Bentley in Texas is growing into a very pretty dog.

4 January 2014
Drago  visited Valencia

25 December 2013
New photos of Drago in Barcelona

7 November 2013
Bentley moved from California to Texas.

2 June 2013
Haribo on the regional club show in Najac

2 March 2013
Haribo in the snow.

24 December 2012
Drago in Spain

25 November 2012
Elsa enjoys her walks on Dartmoor.

12 November 2012
Bentley in California is already a big dog.

5 November 2012
New pictures of Ruby's carting training.

16 October 2012
Pictures of Ruby in UK. She had her first carting experience.

Click for a video of Ruby with Phoebe
2 October 2012
Pictures of Drago in Spain

12th August 2012
A couple of pictures of Bentley in California.
He loves his family and the beach.

6th August 2012
Just a few photos of Elsa at her first Championship show  - Paignton - today age 6 months and 3 days. She was placed second out of six and has qualified for Crufts next year. The last picture shows how tired she was when we got home!!! She enjoyed herself. 

28th July 2012
We met Drago, Haribo and Lola and their owners on the Spanish club show.

20th July 2012
Elsa in UK is training for her first dog show.

18th July 2012
New pictures of Drago in  Spain.

5th July 2012
Haribo does well on the Mediterranean

27th June 2012
Elsa took her first swimming lesson.

19th June 2012

Ruby and Elsa participated  in a fun carting weekend.

Drago is happy in Spain.

7th June 2012
Ruby is happy in her new home.

5th June 2012
New photos of Lola in Amsterdam.

30th May 2012
New pictures of Drago in Spain.

23d May 2012
Elsa and Ruby arrived safely in UK.

19th May 2012
Elsa and Ruby were on the Austrian club show.

2 May 2012
Drago went on his first holiday by camping car.

18 April 2012

Elsa and Ruby got visits from their new family in the UK.

A few pictures of Bentley in the US.

Pictures from Drago in Spain.

14 April 2012
Haribo is happy in his new home.

10 April 2012
Bentley arrived safe and sound with his new family in California.

8 April 2012
Taras in Spain changed his pet name to Drago.

5 April 2012
Real mountain puppies

3 April 2012

Taras in his new home in Barcelona
Lola goes every day with her dad to the office in Amsterdam

1 April 2012

The first 3 pups travelled to their new homes.
Esther sent nice pictures of Taras's travel to Spain:

If you don't see pups on the puppy-cam they may be sleeping in the shadow under the chairs.

27 March 2012
Our friends  Lydie and Pauline Marteyn  came to visit.
Pauline took some very nice pictures.

21 March 2012
Deworming, playing mountain dog, first leash training.

18 March 2012

16 March 2012
Metha still climbed a tree like a young girl, to cut a nest of caterpillars from the top of the tree.

At 6 weeks of age, the puppies weights are:

Blue 7200 gr. (15 lb 14 oz.)
White 7800 gr.(17 lb 3 oz.)
Brown 7750 gr.(17 lb 1.5 oz)
Yellow 6600 gr. (14 lb 9 oz.)
Purple 6700 gr.(14 lb 12 oz)
Green 6550 gr.(14 lb 10.5 oz)

15 March 2012.

Our friend Anne Brémond came to take pictures.
Click for the album with 164 pictures

12 march 2012.

11 march 2012.

8th March 2012.
At nearly 5 weeks old  the weigths are:

Dog blue 5300 gr.

Dog white 5700 gr.

Dog brown 5500 gr.


Bitch yellow 4800 gr.

Bitch purple 5400 gr.

Bitch green 5000 gr.

Nail clipping

5th March 2012
Meeting the other dogs in the living room.

3d March 2012
For the first time outside and visited by children.

28th February 2012
Weighed for the first time on the antique baby scale. They weren't used to that.

Dog blue 3500 gr.
Dog white 3800 gr.
Dog brown 3480 gr.
Bitch yellow 3160 gr.
Bitch green 3200 gr.
Bitch purple 3800 gr.


23 February 2012.

21st February 2012.

18th February 2012.
Metha  had always her own identification system for the pups.
But now the pups are on the webcam we decided to follow the trend of identifying them with knitted colored colars.
So Metha had to get knitting for the first time since at least 55 years.

The pups also got the first taste of meat.

16th February 2012.
The puppies start to stand,walk and play. The eyes are now open.

12th february  2012.
Clipping the nails.

10th February 2012.
At 1 week of age their weight is 860-1280 grams.

900 gr.

1015 gr.

1190 gr.

1280 gr.

1240 gr.

860 gr.


Nagybobanya Vilag Bajnok Becsi Kisiklik
*29th May 2004, HD-A, LPN1 free ( N/N),  ZTP

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Puff (Jack v.d. Boxmühle)
*12-08-2008, HD-A, LPN1 free (N/N), TAN

3d February 2012

After nearly 8 eight years we have a litter again.
A litter entirely devoted to the number "three".
Born on the 3d February  6 puppies (2x3) 3 bitches and 3 dogs.
Pup no. 3 was a troublemaker, he went on strike, but with the help of a caesarean  he and the 3 other puppies were safely delivered by the veterinarian.
With our love for the Hungarian language, usually used with imagination for the names of the puppies, we knew that the Hungarian word for 3 is Harom.
This year the names of all puppies in France begin with a H.
What do you mean superstitious?

10th January 2012
according to the ultrasound Kissi is pregnant.
Kissi (Nagybobanya Vilag Bajnok Becsi Kisiklik (HD-A, LPN1 N/N,  breeding ability test  LHCN) was mated by Puff (Jack v.d. Boxmühle (HD A/A, LPN1 N/N, ED0, TAN )) on the 6th December 2011.
The pups are expected to be born in the first week of February.