Puffy's First Litter 03/01/2018

On 3 November 2017 Puffy (Nagybobanya Lynckepynck Puffy) was mated toKnockando’s XO Imperial Lucky).
On 3 January 2018,  8 pups were born (3 dogs and 5 bitches).
Both parents have level 4 in the French breeding  system.
Both are LNP1 N/N, LPN2 N/N, LEMP N/N, HD A/A and Elbows 0/0.
The coefficient of inbreeding is low: 5 generations 0%, 10 generations 2.87, 30 generations 27.25 with
1387 unique ancestors.
The SCC litter number is LOF-2017048663-2018-1. Microchip Puffy 250269802423131

7 pups went to their new home, only O’Pal stays here ith her mother and uncle until 9 April.


Discovering the world beyond the porch for the first time


On the porch outdoor for the first time.




Mother and pups are doing well.


The pups were born. They are 3 males and 5 females.
Puffy did a marvelous job, just like her mother Lola. The whole birth took less than 6 hours. No complications.