Who we are

Metha Stramer:

I learned about the Leonberger breed together with my sister Jose in 1960.
It was however not before 1962 that Elka and Elfe v. Rossbach came to live with us.
Together we founded the Dutch Leonberger Club and we held several office and committee functions.
Until 1973 we bred under the kennel name Gyurcsitarjan, then I continued breeding  under the name Nagybobanya. 
I am proud that the Dutch Leonberger club awarded us the honorary membership in 2003.
I got the golden pin of honour from the Dutch Kennel Club in 2004.


Hein Sibrijns:

After our marriage in 1970 I got involved in the cynological scene.
I left the breeding to the ladies, I got involved in governing matters.
I got also the honorary membership of the Dutch Leonberger Club and the golden pin from the DKC.
I am secretary of the International Leonberger Union.