Our Way Of Live

How we live

We are of Dutch origin, but since a few years we live together with the dogs on top of a hill in sunny central France, near the city of Vichy.

The 8.5 acres terrain are fenced and free admissible for the dogs.
For our dogs no kennels, runs or crates, they lay in the house on a rug or couch. 

We are old fashioned in the way of feeding, we try to give our dogs natural food, without completely neglecting the benifits of complete dry foods.
The meals are composed for 80 % of fresh raw meat, grains and vegetables, with vitamines and minerals added.

They love fruit, if we don’t give it they take it themselves in the form of raspberries, fallen apples etc.
20 % of their daily need is covered by modern fastfood.

Nagybobanya Torok Yol Fekete harvesting grapes.