Picture gallery

On this page pictures of dogs that were or still are of great importance.

It started all with  Elka en Elfe v. Rossbach.
Here at the age of 10 months.

Elfe v. Rossbach

Elka v. Rossbach

Gyurcsitarjan Azor
(Elka v. Rossbach x Alf v.d. Achalm)

Gyurcsitarjan Dorpel
(Elfe v. Rossbach x Greif v. Bildstockle)

Half East-German Ronny v. Pappelhof, gave in combination with  Gyurcsitarjan Dorpel, Gyurcsitarjan Knirs Kuno. 

Gyurcsitarjan Knirs Kuno kissing Jose.

Gyurcsitarjan Yeigeste Kriesant. 
With Knirs Kuno she got a son Gyurcsitarjan Kakayanos


Gyurcsitarjan Kakayanos.

Gyurcsitarjan Insgaya
From the marriage between Gyurcsitarjan Insgaya and Gyurcsitarjan Kakayanos came Nagybobanya Wincogeger


Nagybobanya Wincogeger

Nizan du Chateau de Reveillon
gave with Wincogeger, Linkepink 

Nagybobanya Linkepink Kis Aranyos 
(Nizan du Chateau de Reveillon x Nagybobanya Wincogeger)

Here with two children from her last litter, the light coloured pup is Nagybobanya Feher Fritz Filmandob

Dzeus du Clos de la Ferriere
gave with Linkepink, Feher Fritz


Nagybobanya Feher Fritz Filmandob 
(Dzeus du Clos de la Ferriere x Nagybobanya Linkepink Kis Aranyos)

Frits with his offspring